You've found Drum Journey, the first app for shamanic journeying.

Shamanic journeying, as you probably already know, is a kind of insight meditation. It’s a spiritual practice that combines visualization with acoustic accompaniment, usually fast drumming or rattling.

Drum Journey works like a timer; dial in the journey duration, set your options, and tap Start. Included in the app are several professionally-produced drum and rattle tracks, and you can also import your own from iTunes.


  • flexible journey duration, from 5 minutes to an hour
  • choice of drumming styles (single, double, or with rattle)
  • new in 2.1 added ceremonial drumming style with slow, finely-adjustable tempo
  • high quality drumming tracks
  • adjustable tempo (slow, normal, and fast)
  • adjustable instrument volumes
  • import your favorite drumming tracks from your iPod
  • new in 2.1 the duration of imported audio tracks can be adjusted
  • works with AirPort Express and AppleTV (via AirPlay)
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 and Retina devices
  • light up the globe; share your location with other Drum Journey users

For centuries, shamans have used journeying to gain insight and clarity. I was inspired to create this app while participating in the three year program of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Note: This app does not teach shamanic journey practices. See our Books & Teachers page for links to shamanic educators and practitioners.

World Tab

Choose your drumming style, duration, and tempo.

World Tab

Rattles too loud? Adjust the volume of instruments individually.

World Tab

See and be seen: share your journey location anonymously with other Drum Journey users, and see others.

Options Tab

The settings tab lets you adjust the callback duration and sharing preference.

image discription

Drum Journey users share their journeys on a world map.